Our offer

Global competition. A fierce struggle for co-workers and market shares. An ever sharper focus on business ethics, efficiency and concrete customer values. Social media that swiftly turn the spotlight on good and bad employers. These are the realities of today’s business landscape. And for you and your business, one of the consequences of this development is that it is becoming more and more important – and more and more difficult – to attract and retain the very best talents.

That is where Högström & Co comes into the picture. Our unique perspectives, based on sound business intelligence and market insights, enable us to identify with the needs and challenges that your business faces. This gives us a clear picture of what measures need to be taken and what qualities the manager or specialist that you require needs to possess.

Executive recruitment

Executive recruitment is Högström & Co’s core business. This is an area of expertise where we have a comprehensive knowledge and extensive experience. That is why we offer an executive recruitment guarantee. Put simply, we will work on your behalf until we have completed the assignment to your satisfaction.

Specialist recruitment

For you as a client, specialist positions often have a strategic significance. There are different types of specialists: commercial and technical. Frequently such specialists are hard to find, so success depends on conducting a thorough analysis and having access to an experienced recruitment consultant.

Executive search

Advertising is not always the best solution for finding the right talent.  That is why you have access to our Executive Search service. Our research consultants search through data bases, use personal networks and analyse other channels to find candidates. This broad-based approach maximises the potential for finding exactly the right person for your business.


Högström & Co offers services in management development and organisational development. These include leadership training, executive support, career advice and the assessment of employees in key positions. One example is our 24-hour management group – a service for the people who lead your business operations. We are also frequently asked to conduct assessments of the final shortlist of candidates for clients who value our recommendation.