About our company

As an active partner with in-depth insights into your business and the industry in which you operate, we are able to find the right candidate with the qualities needed to create results and develop the competitiveness of your organisation. Well-educated consultants with management experience, working systematically in accordance with our tried-and-tested methodology, are your guarantee that we will find the right people to lead your company to the next level. The better we understand your business and the challenges it faces, the greater the opportunities we have to help you make a successful recruitment.

Our way of working

The human perspective plays a crucial role throughout the entire recruitment process.

Högström & Co is consistently rated highly by clients and candidates alike in terms of its professional relationships, commitment, trust, integrity and well organised business processes.

We follow a process that we have used successfully for many years and that we know works well. But we also understand that the end result is more important than the methodology that is used to achieve it. That is why we are always willing to fine-tune our methods to a way of working that suits you and your specific needs. There are, however, two key stages in the process that we always insist on: a detailed specification of requirements at the start of the process and an in-depth analysis and assessment at the end.


Are you about to initiate an important recruitment process? Or are you simply curious to learn more about the way we work?

Please feel free to contact us – we will be happy to tell you more.

Our network

After many years in the industry we have developed an extensive network that enables us to collaborate with recruitment specialists in some 40 countries. Whenever you need to make a key recruitment abroad, simply contact us and we will help you to find the optimum solution.

We are also members of the Lense & Lumen Advisory Group.

What clients say about Högström & Co

“Högström & Co has an efficient, effective methodology for recruitment and executive search assignments.”

“Högström & Co has great candidates – and the expertise to choose the right ones.”

“They are the only one of four consulting companies that has chosen to stay in touch with us between assignments. We see that as a real bonus!”

“Högström & Co has extensive in-house expertise and many years of experience in the field.”

“Högström & Co’s international network was of great help to us in our search for a new CEO for our operations in Germany.”