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Are you a senior manager, a specialist or a board member working, for example, with marketing, production or technology in private industry or do you work in the public sector? If so, your skills and experience could make you very interesting to many of our clients. Don’t miss out on the opportunity. Register your CV and add your name to our Candidate Network.

Executive Search

Most of our assignments are Executive Search recruitment projects. If you have registered with us as an applicant, we are able to contact you personally. You register either when you apply for a specific position or by submitting your CV via “Log in”.

Your personal information will, of course, always be treated with the strictest confidentiality.

All our advertisements will remain on our website until the position is filled.

Current positions

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Vacancies filled

  • CEO

    Invacare REA, Diö

  • CEO

    Häradssparbanken Mönsterås

  • CEO

    Ryds Båtar AB

  • CEO

    Lekia AB, Vellinge

  • CEO

    Outnorth AB, Växjö

  • CEO

    Briox AB, Växjö

  • CEO

    Proton Group AB, Värnamo

  • CEO

    Swimpex Granite AB, Emmaboda

  • Municipal Chief Director

    Karlshamns kommun, Karlshamn

  • County Director

    Länsstyrelsen i Blekinge, Karlskrona

  • Marketing Manager

    Lekia AB, Malmö

  • CFO

    P&E Persson AB, Kalmar

  • CEO

    Designonline, Kalmar

  • CEO

    U-Lift AB, Backaryd

  • CEO

    Ronneby Miljö & Teknik

  • CEO

    Elajo Invest AB, Oskarshamn

  • CIO

    Södra Skogsägarna Ek. För. Växjö

  • CEO

    Decosteel, Hyltebruk

  • Sales Manager Industry

    Skangas AB, Göteborg

  • HR-Manager

    Polykemi AB, Ystad

  • Country Manager

    DLW Flooring

  • HR Manager

    Oskarshamns kommun

  • CFO

    Gota Media AB

  • CEO

    Soft Center, Ronneby

  • District Manager

    Skanska Sverige AB

  • HR Manager

    Svensk Fastighetsförmedling i Sydost