Lense & Lumen starts a new collaboration with partner in China

Fiducia Executive Search has become the first Greater China-based firm to join the Lense & Lumen Advisory Group, an international partner association of mostly European Executive Search and HR Consultancy firms.

By facilitating cross-border projects and boosting access and insights into each other’s markets, the collaboration will enable both sides to provide seamless, high-level support to clients whose needs for leadership and specialized talents extend across Europe, Asia, and beyond.

Of the new partnership, Lense & Lumen Board Member Heinrich Schaible said: “Fiducia’s Executive Search team has an impressive track record and we welcome the opportunity to deepen our reach in Asia through their expertise. Despite being thousands of kilometres away, we share the same values of professionalism, passion, and dedication.”

Thaddäus Müller, Director at Fiducia Executive Search, added: “The recruitment needs of our clients are increasingly international, so we’re excited about the chance to expand our global partner association, deepen our understanding of the European market, and work together with experienced professionals from the Lense & Lumen group.”

About Fiducia Management Consultants

Fiducia supports international companies in Greater China with advisory and outsourced services including Executive Search, corporate set-up, market advisory, tax and accounting, and trade. An independent, family-managed firm with 36 years of experience, Fiducia has a team of more than 120 experts based in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Shenzhen. www.fiducia-china.com


About Lense & Lumen

Lense & Lumen Advisory Group has been founded by five independent European Executive Search & HR Consultancy firms that decided to join their talents and expertise to create a new international organisation. Currently active in Denmark, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and Greater China, the group is a partner association of over a hundred professionals leading searches for C- level positions and supporting companies in their international expansion. www.lladvisorygroup.com