Högström & Co is now member in a new international network

To further strengthen the position of Högström & Co: s ambition to help our customers to achieve the best possible result, we are now new members in an international network with companies with similar level of ambitions, with focus on finding the right leaders.

Lense & Lumen Advisory Group is the name of the network which consists of seven European executive search firms.

Wilma Consulting, Finland

De Bord International, Schweiz

Hansen Toft, Danmark

Dr Maier + Partner, Tyskland

ARROWMAN Executive Search, Frankrike

Arethusa, Italien

Högström & Co, Sverige


The ambition is to further expand the network to several countries.

The members have several years of experience from recruiting and executive search on C-level, which means that we are very confident with the possibility to recommend our colleagues to you when you need assistance in these countries.

Read more on www.lladvisorygroup.com